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Corporate Introduction

Henan Tiefulai EquipmentManufacture Co., Ltd., located in the mining area of Pingdingshan, Henan, knownas the “coal bunker of Central China”, is a national Innovation Companyspecialized in the manufacturing of high-end coal mine outburst preventiondrilling equipment. The Company is engaged in integrated business chains ofresearch and development, production and marketing, particularly taking the leadin the research and development and manufacturing of coal mine outburstprevention drilling equipment in China. It entered into a new era of development in May 2016 when it was listedon the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (securities code: 837575).

After more than ten years of rapid development, the company has builthighly-competent technical and management teams and made plentiful operatingresults. In 2012, it was recognized by the State Administration of Work Safetyof the People's Republic of China as an ‘innovative enterprise in work safetyscience and technology’. In 2013, it won the ‘Mayor's Quality Award’ ofPingdingshan City. In 2014, "TIEFULAI" was recognized as a famousbrand in Henan Province. In 2017, it was recognized as a ‘contract-creditenterprise’ and ‘intellectual property advantage enterprise’. In 2018, theCompany was awarded an outstanding non-public enterprise in Henan Province andwas recognized as a ‘small giant enterprise of science and technology in Henan Province’by the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department. The company'sR&D center was recognized as a provincial research center for coal mineoutburst prevention drilling equipment and engineering technology, a provincialengineering laboratory, a provincial enterprise technological center and aprovincial industrial design center successively.  It has powerful R&D strength and marketdevelopment capability.

The company owns more than500 sets of complete modern machining equipment and inspection/testingequipment, including over 20 sets of high-precision LBR-370 computerizednumerical control (CNC) machine tools, 5 sets of vertical and horizontalfour-axis machining centers, 2 sets of automatic groove welding robots, 1 setof 3D printer, and 1 set of CNC fixed beam gantry boring and milling machine,all of which making the company a leading enterprise in the coal mine machinerymanufacturing industry.

With ZDY series hydraulic drilling rig as itsleading product, the company also provides complete gas control solutions forcoal mines. The company has 126 patents, including 15 invention patents, 13R&D projects in the past two years, and many technologies to fill the gapin the industry.

The ZDY120S fully mechanized face emulsion drilling machine successfullydeveloped by the Company has filled the blank in China in terms of local gascontrol technology and equipment for high outburst fully mechanized face. ZDYseries of crawler drilling machines have been developed to fill the nationalblank in high outburst mines where bottom extraction is adopted and nohigh-performance technical equipment is available for this coal seam treatmentmeasure. The punching and hole-making integrated complete equipment has beendeveloped to greatly promote the high yield and high efficiency of soft andlow-permeability coal seams. It has been highly appraised by the China NationalCoal Association as the ‘international leading level’ and has won the ‘Top TenSymbolic High-end Equipment Manufacturing in Henan Province’ and the FirstPrize of Science and Technology of the China National Coal Association, providingstrong support for work safety of coal mines.

At present, the company's products sell well tomany large and medium-sized coal mining enterprises in such provinces andregions as Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Anhui,Heilongjiang and Liaoning, and the products with superior performance arewidely praised by users.

The company is committed todeveloping anti-outburst technical equipment to enhance work safety inhigh-outburst mines!

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